Sunday, June 6, 2010

livin' it up!

we went camping at the land over the memorial holiday weekend and had a great time! it got cold at night but i wasn't worried. every time i woke up i hit daddy in the head to make sure he was awake and would keep me warm. and during the day it was so nice we went hiking a couple of times. mama hurt her back so daddy had to carry me in the backpack. i made sure he didn't forget i was back there by hitting him in the head. i've decided that this one act seems to get me what i want with daddy so i may continue to try and use it. doesn't work with mama though. trust me.


  1. So lil Zeb hasn't done anything since June?
    Just askin'!
    No trick or treat? Nothin'?

  2. And I FINALLY figured out how to post comments on this thing. The Wordpress account wasn't working, but the gmail account does. Weird.